Competitive Landscape Analysis and Evaluation

Periodic analysis of the competitive landscape is crucial to strategic management. To retain and grow your market share you must continuously track competitive threats, innovations and trends. However, not every organization has the capabilities and resources to conduct a thorough competitor analysis on a regular basis.

We use our data and expertise to deliver actionable insights that foster informed decision-making. We provide you with valuable information that enables you to:

  • Understand your competitors better;
  • Capitalize on opportunities;
  • Address potential threats.

We cover the value chain at every level — from manufacturers, through traders and distributors to wholesalers and retailers. Assess your overall performance and identify the gaps the competition can’t fill.

You will receive the competitive landscape analysis in the form of a short-term (1-3 years) business plan. It covers but is not limited to:

  • Competitor profiles and positioning —  the major competitors and their positioning in the market;
  • Production capacity — production process, raw materials and capacity;
  • Pricing strategies — historical prices and the pricing strategies employed;
  • Product portfolio — product characteristics and their value drivers;
  • Logistics and distribution — value chain and distribution partners;
  • Marketing and sales — marketing strategies and sales channels;
  • Financial performance — revenue, profit, and margins.

Successful strategic management requires not only a flexible approach but also a bird’s eye view of the competitive landscape. As such, your competitor analysis is tailor-made for your unique needs and covers the specific market as well as the local economy.

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