Consumer Research

Smart business decisions come from comprehensive consumer research. After all, your customers are at the center of your business. You require intimate understanding of their characteristics, needs and motivations to better solve their problems. Yet, conducting regular customer research requires capabilities and resources that not every organization can readily supply.

We offer you a one-stop shop for market research and consulting services that deliver actionable market insights for every aspect of your strategy. We conduct our consumer research studies based on your specific needs and goals. Regardless if you are a fledgling startup or a large multinational company, we present you with a holistic viewpoint of your target consumers.

We vary our data gathering methodology based on the optimal fit for your specific requirements. Most often, we make use of:

  • Online panels;
  • Phone interviews;
  • In-person interviews;
  • Focus groups.

The data we collect and analyze allows us to provide you with valuable market intelligence. With our services you will understand:

  • Consumer segments and the ideal consumer;
  • Consumer perceptions about:
    • Products;
    • Brands;
    • Packaging;
    • Price;
    • Marketing activities and advertising materials;
    • Competition;
  • Consumer behavior;
  • Consumer decision-making process and the logic behind it;
  • New product’s market readiness.

Consumer research enables you to become better at what you do.

Refine your approach to customer research, contact us for more information.