Foreign Trade Strategy

Foreign trade is ripe with opportunities for international traders, especially if you are already an expert in a specific product or region. Your network of contacts is satisfied with your work but now they want you to find new markets to sell their products.

You are up for the task but the market research proves more difficult than expected. You need help to better understand the market and find foreign trade opportunities. We’ll help you do just that. We use our market data and consulting expertise to give you actionable market insights.

We will provide you with all relevant data and a strategic business plan to find profitable products and develop your foreign trade strategy. You will receive a detailed analysis of the market and all other information you might need to achieve your goals.

Regardless if you are an export management company, trading company, or a free agent, we will provide you with information and consulting that drives profitable growth. We enable you to thrive in new markets by presenting you with data about:

  • Geographical markets  characteristics and performance;
  • Product groups  availability, cachet and prices;
  • Consumers  characteristics, values and needs, even contact details;
  • Competitive landscape  main players and their profiles;
  • Existing trading structures  past and present;
  • Potential local partners  their products and positioning.

Import Strategy

In the same way, we can help you with a specific detailed import strategy, including but not limited to:

  • Analysis of the top global exporting countries for your product group;
  • Analysis of the top global exporting companies for your product group;
  • Analysis of the prices for importing products from different countries and regions;
  • Analysis of the preferred logistical channels and contract terms for your product group.

Export Strategy

If you want to build a strong export strategy and increase your international presence and sales, we can help you with:

  • Which markets are the most lucrative for your offering?
  • Should you use your existing products, adapt current ones, or create an entirely new product line?
  • Are your current capabilities and know-how enough?
  • Can you attract more customers? How are they segmented? What do they value?
  • Where should you position yourself?
  • How intensive is the competition?
  • What resources do you need? Is the investment even worth it?
  • Analysis the top global importing countries for your product group;
  • Analysis of the top global importing companies for your product group;
  • Price analysis of the average prices for exporting your product group your main competitors offer;
  • Choosing the right countries/regions to focus your expansion strategy on;
  • Finding potential customers and building an actionable data base with their contact details, needs and characteristics.

Because no strategy is the same, we are flexible with our approach and will adapt it to your specific needs and objectives.

Contact us to find out how we can elevate your foreign trade strategy.