Market Experts

Our methodology includes carrying out interviews with market experts. They help us evaluate, cross-check and verify our findings, build our forecasts, fill in any information gaps and inconsistencies as well as understand more about certain market movements and fluctuations. The market expert interviews usually take up to 30-60 minutes and are remunerated in the form of a paid consultation, based on a previously agreed hourly fee.

As market experts are considered people with at least 3 years of experience in a certain product and geographical market (e.g. ice cream in Germany). As market experts are considered people, working in marketing, operations, research and strategy, supply and purchasing, finance, research and development, and others. The market experts we consult with work for some of the leading companies on the markets of interest – manufacturers, distributors, traders and wholesalers, retailers, etc.

Our database currently includes more than 1,000 different market experts, covering numerous product and service markets and industries within Europe, the USA, and Asia. If you believe that you fit the description and are interested in joining our team of experts, please, send us a brief CV, a 1-paragraph letter describing your particular expertise, and the hourly fee you would like to charge at experts(at) We are currently looking only for people with expertise within Europe (all countries), the USA, Canada, and Australia! Only short-listed market experts will be contacted.