Product Development & Launch Strategies

You need extensive research and planning to successfully prepare a new product launch strategy. Today’s consumer is exceedingly demanding and requires a robust approach to product development to facilitate growth. A poorly laid out product launch strategy may even result in a permanent sales decline or worse.

We use our extensive industry datasets and expertise to present you with a tailor-made product development and launch strategy. We look for gaps in the current market and present you with an elaborate analysis of the opportunities that will grant you a competitive advantage.

Our product development strategy enables you to identify the:

  • Market size;
  • Competitive landscape;
  • Product life cycle;
  • Ideal market segment to become early adopters;
  • Most appropriate channels to reach them;
  • Product positioning;
  • Minimum viable product;
  • Pricing and packaging;
  • Marketing and sales tactics;
  • Production and distribution;
  • Validity of assumptions.

You get our product development strategies as a short term (1-3 years) business plan with detailed analysis of:

  • Production;
  • Logistics and distribution;
  • Marketing and sales;
  • Financial performance.

The exact preparation of the product development and launch strategy is based on your unique needs and goals. We adapt our approach to best suit your organization to facilitate your business’s growth.

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